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2022 Royalty Candidates

With Sponsors

Kadence Stenson-Minnwest Bank.JPG

Kadence Stenson
Sponsor: Minnwest Bank

Tyra Sandven-Old National Bank.JPG

Tyra Sandven
Sponsor: Olson Plumbing

Kassey Pauling-Clean Site, LLC.JPG

Kassey Pauling
Sponsor: Clean site, LLC

Zola Olson-Co-Op Credit Union.JPG

Zola Olson
Sponsor: co-Op Credit union


As we celebrate our relationship with our Sister City in Montevideo, Uruguay, one of the components of the week is the crowning of the Montevideo Fiesta Days Royalty. There will be three individuals crowned, one queen and two princesses. These individuals will take on the duty of representing the City of Montevideo for the next year at various festivals around Minnesota and South Dakota. They will participate in local community events to promote volunteerism and leadership within the community of Montevideo. At the end of their reign each individual will be awarded a scholarship to use for schooling. If the queen fulfills all duties throughout the year reign she will have the opportunity to attend Minneapolis Aquatennial as a candidate as well. 


Common questions about being a candidate:

  1. Do I have to pay for a candidate outfit and the activities during candidate week?

    1. No, a provided sponsor that will take care of the cost of your candidate week. 

  2. Do I have to buy a new formal?

    1. No! You can use one you already have or borrow from a friend.

  3. If chosen, what kind of scholarship would I receive?

    1. Once your reign as Royalty is successfully completed the Queen receives $2000 and each Princess will receive $1500 to use towards schooling.

  4. If chosen, will my whole summer be spent at parades?

    1. Although there is a time commitment involved, parades will not be every weekend and volunteer events will be spread throughout the year.


Candidate week is an adventure full of networking and personal growth that will help you in the future. Anyone who has participated as a candidate in the past would do candidate week all over again if they could-regardless of the outcome! Individuals will have a candidate contract to follow and must be 18-21 years of age to run.

If you have any questions regarding the requirements, schedule, etc. please feel free to contact the candidate coordinator, current royalty or Fiesta board member We are looking forward to having a super festival with you involved!

Fiesta Contact Info

PO BOX 206

Montevideo, MN 56265

Current Ambassadors

Queen Tegan Marty

Princess Meghan Erp

Princess Allondra Villareal

Fiesta Board

Montevideo Fiesta Days, Inc. Board of Directors

Rob Jepma, Carman Mills, Lynn Knoop, Steve Suflow, Karen Mortensen, Bethany Crosby, Laura Schultz, Larissa Schwenk, Kelly Fragodt, Jason Haug

Candidate Information


Candidate Profile Application to be TYPED and submitted to Fiesta board.  Click on the word doc icon below to access. 

Please click on the PDF icon for a letter about being a candidate. 

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