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The Montevideo Fiesta, Inc. Royalty Program offers individuals the opportunity to impact, influence, and enrich our community. As we celebrate our relationship with our Sister City in Montevideo, Uruguay, one of the components of the week is the crowning of the Montevideo Fiesta Days Royalty. There will be the opportunity for three individuals to be crowned, along with our junior prince and junior princess. These individuals will take on the duty of representing the City of Montevideo for the next year at various festivals around Minnesota and South Dakota.


They will participate in local community events to promote volunteerism and leadership within the community of Montevideo. At the end of their reign, each individual will be awarded a scholarship to use for schooling. If the royalty fulfill all duties throughout their year-long reign, one representative will be selected to have the opportunity to attend Minneapolis Aquatennial as a candidate as well. 


Candidate Requirements

Candidate week is an adventure full of networking and personal growth that will help you in the future. Anyone who has participated as a candidate in the past would do candidate week all over again if they could-regardless of the outcome! 

  • Between the ages of 17-21 (have just completed junior year, senior year, or 1st year of college) 

  • Currently are or have been a resident of the Montevideo School District #129

  • Review & sign Candidate Contract to participate 

Scholarship Details

Once your​ reign is successfully completed, you will be presented with a $2,000 scholarship for schooling.


Have some more questions? Check out the FAQs below or contact us via 

  • Do I have to pay for candidate outfits or activities during candidate week? ​

    • No, a provided sponsor will take care of all your costs! ​

  • Do I have to purchase a new formal dress for the coronation? 

    • No! You can use one you already have or borrow from a friend!

  • If chosen, will all my weekends be spent at parades and community events? 

    • Although there is a time commitment involved, parades and events will not be every weekend. They will be spread throughout the year instead! ​

Candidate Requirements

  • Have just completed 2nd grade

  • Currently be a resident of the Montevideo School District #129

  • Be able to attend Junior Royalty Coronation (Thursday, June 13th, 2024)


More information will be provided after registration received!

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